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🤮 Nobody Likes Picking Up Poop 💩 With Bare Hands 👐 ! Let

PooperScooper™ Do All The Dirty Work.

PooperScooper™ makes cleaning after your dog a hands-free experience. On top of that, it is easy to use, very lightweight and portable. Your kids will love using it too!

PooperScooper™ is designed to pick up waste from multiple surfaces. Clean-up is smoothwith the non-stick surface and easy to use design. PooperScooper™ is going to be a great addition to your pet parenting tools! You will never want to go back to your old way again!

It comes with a roll of ♻ biodegradable waste bags. But, it can also be used with regular plastic grocery bags.



  • Portable: PooperScooper™ hooks on a leash. You won't forget it and you won't have to carry it.
  • Convenient: PooperScooper™ has an integrated waste bag compartment so you are all set.
  • Extendable: Backside adjusts in size so you can scoop it all.
  • Effective: Remove dog poop and waste from any surface without using your hands. Keep sidewalks and lawns clean!
  • Sizes: Available in two sizes: Medium (14 X 11.5cm)  & Large (19 x 15.5cm) 

But Why do I need PooperScooper™?

We've all been there - accidentally stepping on dog poop (sometimes by some other careless pet owner... how rude!)  So, the quicker we pick it up, the better!

Whether it's your own backyard or places like play areas and parks, it is a basic courtesy to tidy up after your dog. PooperScooper™ is one of the most convenient tools ever invented for pet owners; an Excellent Pooper-Scooper to pick up after your dog when they go for a walk.  

It allows you to Show Off to other dog owners how responsible you are (and feel free to Clear Your Throat while doing so if you're close to one of those dog owners who pretend they didn't see their doggie just leave a deposit!)

PooperScooper™ is highly rated by buyers and reviewers alike - an impressive 4.8 stars.

📢We’re proud to have over 15000+ happy PooperScooper™ customers. We stand behind our product and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren't in Love with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days, and you'll receive a stress-free refund.

What in the Box:

  • PooperScooper™ Pet Poop Scooper X 1
  • PooperScooper™ Waste Bags X 15
  • Instruction Manual X 1



Question: How to use PooperScooper™?

Answer: Pull a bag out of the dispenser on the back, expand the side of the scoop, cover the scoop with the bag, and pick up the waste. Then tie the bag and dispose of the waste without having to pick it up with your hand.

Question: Which size should I get for my dog? 

Answer: We recommend a medium-sized scooper for dogs that weigh less than 50lbs (22kg), and a large scooper for dogs 50lbs (22kg) and up. 

Question: How wide will this open?

Answer: It opens 4.5 inches and is 6 inches wide. This enables it to pick up a large amount of poop.

Question: Does PooperScooper™ come with waste bags?

Answer: Yes, we include 1 roll of waste bags (15 bags) with each scooper.

Question: Can I use regular grocery plastic bags?

Answer: Yes, you absolutely can use regular plastic grocery bags. A lot of our customers do so!

Question: Can PooperScooper™ be used without bags (if you plan on flushing the poop)?

Answer: You may need to wash and rinse PooperScooper™ after every use to keep it clean. If you are ok with that, you absolutely can use it without bags.

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