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Pet Ear Powder
Pet Ear Powder
Pet Ear Powder
Pet Ear Powder

Pet Ear Powder

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It’s sad to see our fur babies suffer from itchy ears. We all know that the ears are the most sensitive parts of them. Most bacteria hide in the ears, and the area easily gets wounded.

Stop your fluffy babies from scratching their ears with this Pet Ear Powder

No more ear scratching!

  • Heals irritated itchy ears.
  • Kills most of the ticks and bacteria hiding inside your pet's ears.
  • Stops bacteria from multiplying.

Bad ear odor is gone...

No bacteria and irritation mean no bad odor!

Makes grooming super simple...

  • Formulated to easily remove ear hair, your pets won’t even notice you plucking them!
  • Keeps ears clean and dry. You don’t need to clean your pet’s ears every day!

Safe for any type of pet - dogs, cats, rabbits...even for puppies and kittens!

Easy to use!

  • Designed to help you apply it with ease.
  • The pointed tip directly sprays to your desired area.

It doesn’t stain at all!

Help your fluffy babies in your own way. Let wellness start from their ears with this Pet Ear Powder... Because a healthy pet is also a happy pet! Try it NOW!!!



Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Silicon Dioxide, Methyl Salicylate, Rosin, Bentonite

Net Weight: 50g

Usage:When using, remove the cover on the tip of the ear bottle, then insert the tip into the pet's ear canal and outer auricle, squeeze 3-4; the auricle is also sprinkled with some, and the pet's ear is covered by hand. Knead a few more times. Don't let the pet pull out the ear powder, then unplug the ear hair directly with your hands or with tweezers.

Usage frequency:Generally used when cleaning and removing ear hair, you can use it when you find your dog's ears are wet or dirty

Customer reviews

Customer reviews



  • Could anyone tell me how to use it? Thank You Very Much.

    • You can just put the powder into the ears dog and then wipe clean them all.

  • Does it really work? Does it make easier to pull the hair out of the hears?

    • It works perfectly. Cut hair from the inside of the ear, then put powder.

  • What about cats? Is it healthy?

    • Yes, this is good for both your cats and dogs. Its materials are natural.

  • Is it harmful to pets if accidentally licked the powder off paws?

    • The main ingredient of this ear powder is silica. It is also used as a food and pharmaceutical additive. As long as the pets don't eat a lot, it will not hurt them.

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